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Swimming Pool Construction Cost
 First time in India 100% chlorine free technology

About us

    At Creativ Pools, we believe that technology and innovation make things easier in Swimming pool field we had done so many innovation and technology advancement to make swimming pool affordable and simpler in maintaining the swimming pool. We are leading manufacturer of prefabricated swimming pools and filter in INDIA. Home owners enjoy our wide range of readymade fiberglass swimming pools all around INDIA.



  Creativ Pools is a Chennai based Readymade Swimming Pool manufacturer, designer, and installer of precision-engineered swimming pools.

The Creativ team is unique in combining over a quarter of a decade experience in pool design and installation with state of the art engineering skills to create a pool system that delivers Fibre glass pools of any size, shape or design.

All of the components we use to create a Creativ pool shell are manufactured in our dedicated Chennai based facility where the most advanced automated engineering equipment is deployed to deliver precision-engineered pools of the highest quality.

A Creativ pool delivers the design freedom and ease of installation you would expect from a precision-engineered product.

Contact us today to see how a precision-engineered Castillo pool can be part of your project.

Swimming Pool Construction Cost
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