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Our Services

We know how to help you take a project from an idea to a destination for all to enjoy. Envision. Design. Experience. It's what we do.

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As one of the core focuses of our services, Creativ Pools provides detailed and accurate information related to the condition of existing facilities. Each assessment we provide is different and customized to the unique needs of the facility and community in which a project is located. Typically we will provide an analysis of code compliance, an analysis of how well the existing infrastructure supports desired programming, an opinion as to the lifecycle of existing infrastructure, and an opinion of construction costs to achieve the desired results. An accurate assessment can help pave the way for decisions related to renovations, replacements, additions, or new construction. 

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One of the most important steps in any process is to have an accurate and extensive plan for the goals of the project. Creativ Pools strives to provide an in-depth analysis tailored specifically to the needs of each project we undertake. From city-wide aquatic master and business plans to feasibility studies for additions to existing facilities we are experts at providing the information needed to gain City Council, School Board, Board of Directors, or Owner approval as well as to acquire funding sources needed for construction.

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Our core competency and strength is the quality of our documents. We take great pride in the fact that many contractors have commented that “Creativ Pools has the best plans in the industry”. Our design package includes pool layouts and sections, mechanical and chemical systems, details, and deck plans. With multiple licensed architects on staff, we are capable of producing the most complete and detailed package in our industry. 

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The most important component of any aquatic project is the engineering behind it. Our engineers have an average of over 30 years of experience and have encountered almost any question or dilemma possible in the world we practice. From high water tables and expansive soils to complex pump curves and hydraulics, to investigative diagnostics of existing conditions our engineers are well prepared to tackle
any challenge.

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Construction Administration

An often overlooked but critically important component of our services is construction administration. In addition to our project managers who stay with a project from conception past completion, our construction administration experts are former pool contractors with over twenty years of experience. This experience helps them understand exactly what contractors are doing in the field and are an invaluable resource for ensuring that our designs are built per plan and specifications. Their experience also helps deal with any unknown or unexpected issues that occur in the field and cannot be foreseen during design. 

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