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  • Which type of Pool Service does Creativ Pools Offer?
    We offer Fibre-glass, Vinyl Liner & Tiles Pool, We also offer Endles Pools and Spa
  • What are Pool Liners or Membranes?
    The Pool liner or Membrane is a decorative and watertight reinforced membrane or liner for swimming pools. It is made up of two flexible sheets of polyvinyl chloride (PVC-P), providing the pool with total, long-lasting and watertightness. These two sheets are laminated with a core of a polyester mesh, that provides great strength and durability, without losing the elasticity and flexibility needed to adapt to any shape or corner of the pool.
  • How much does a swimming pool cost?
    The cost of your new swimming pool will vary depending on a number of factors. These include the size of the pool required, the shape, location, if you need extra features such as fountains.
  • Do I need planning permission for my swimming pool?
    Outdoor Swimming Pools – in most instances you would not require planning permission for the installation of an outdoor pool. There are however a few circumstances where planning would be required. These are:- Where the pool would be in front of the building line Where the pool would take up more than 50% of the garden area Where the pool would be overlooked by a public highway or path Where the property is a listed building Where the pool would be located in an area of outstanding natural beauty or a conservation area.
  • How do I decide on my pool design?
    We will assist you in the bespoke design of your swimming pool providing recommendations on shape, size, depth, steps, tiles and the finishing of your swimming pool.
  • Should I have a liner or concrete pool?
    There are advantages to both concrete and vinyl lined pools, vinyl pools are quicker and more cost effective to install, whilst concrete pools are typically more durable with more flexibility in the design of the pool. The choice would therefore be dependent on your requirements and budget.
  • Should I cover my swimming pool?
    All pools should be covered when not in use as this will reduce heat loss and evaporation from the surface and cut your running costs significantly. This is even more crucial for indoor swimming pools as evaporation from the swimming pool surface will compromise the environment in the swimming pool area. Indoor pools require air heating and dehumidification equipment and a swimming pool cover will reduce running costs and make the environmental control system more efficient.
  • I have been told that pools take a lot of effort to maintain. Is this true?
    Swimming pools like many aspects of your home require constant maintenance and care. Falcon Pools offer a hassle free swimming pool maintenance contract on a weekly, monthly or annual basis to make owning your own pool more of a pleasure. Should you wish to maintain your pool yourself we would suggest that you invest a minimum of 1 hour a week on attending to your pool’s needs.
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